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Membership rules

Post  Lucky13 on Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:16 pm

Membership Rules,

You are mature, sensible and have “something” between the ears. In the sense that we do not want immature people who think everything cheese and cake. We play for fun and we of course joke with each other, but you take The League and our business seriously and we respect everyone!

As a candidate you are over 18 years. Some exceptions for 15-17 year old can occur if they’re friends of members, etc. The few exceptions assessed individually in the management.
You play for The League's interest and participate in the community. The League is not a sofa cushion, where you get it all on a silver plate. We expect that each member provides his/hers best abilities so that The League will become one of the best clans in the game. Teamwork is important, but of course it is OK to go solo.

You participate in The League's activities if you can. These will as far as possible be planned well in advance. (It's more of if we are planning major events.)
The League is both a fun clan where you meet new friends, but we have a goal in mind, and that’s to be the THE best clan. However, there is no whip over your back, all may fail but the good student learns from their mistakes and become better. You can always get help from the more experienced players.

We treat ALL with respect, so that The League will have a good reputation outwards and a good unity.
Put in another way - if we have enemies, we fight with honour.

We help each other and our allies as well as possible. If you trade internally, then do it as buddy-prices.
And if you have equipment you do not need anymore, give it to anyone that will benefit from it.
If someone needs help with a contact/mission, then help, because it’s probably your turn tomorrow!
Of course everything must be within reasonable limits!

If disputes arise, bring the matter to the leader and he will determine the problem, perhaps in consultation with some officers. It's no good if someone internally is mad at each other, because it destroys cooperation within the clan. So solve the problems instead of letting them annoy you (or let the leader/officer deal with them!).

Follow the community and keep an eye on the forum. There is no requirement on that you must write xx number of posts or check on specific areas, but if you are completely passive and do not care, then you’re out!

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