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Post  Lucky13 on Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:18 pm

Forum Rules:

Welcome to our forum!:-D

We have a few simple rules that everyone must follow!
Failure to respect this will result in:

A. Deleting of your posts, if it is minor issues.
B. Warning, if you keep violating our rules.
C. Ban, if you don't get a hint!

These are the rules:

1. Respect all posters.
Don't insult them in any way.

2. Keep it clean!
No trolling, whining, swearing, harassing others etc. You know what we mean!! No flaming! Behave yourself.

3. Keep it ON TOPIC - relevant and preferably intelligent!
That means NO spamming, don't use our forum as a chat-board and lay off posting those short "I was here" notes!! If you post, then it should be relevant to the thread and/or the clan in general.

4. Avoid heavy real life issues!
We are here to discuss Games, Online Games, and especially MMOGs.
Games like MMOs bring people together; we delete any threads about RL things that split people into opposing groups. This means no discussion about: War, Politics, Racism, Religion, or any other topic that will start a flame war!
Take it somewhere else!!!! If any "grey zone" topics arise, they will be locked or deleted if the discussion heads to trouble!

5. Languages!
Only languages accepted here is English.

6. Naming policy.
Keep your forum/Profile names clean too. People who take names that could shock, annoy or disrespect others will be asked to change.

7. Respect our forum!
This is not a public forum. It is the home of The League. So don't come here promoting another PA/Guild/Clan! If you want our attention concerning other guilds, put it in a private message to any of the officers.

Obey these, and be our friends!

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